Isle of Avalon Brighton Store


Hand-bottled by a team of two in Sussex, our perfumes are designed and tested to last.


If you want to know what wealth smells like ……

Literally Damask & Oud is STUNNING - want to lather myself in it daily. The smell stays and I always get so many compliments!! This is my forever scent for sure.


What do our customers say?

So why choose Isle of Avalon Parfum?

Not all fragrance is made the same, in-fact most will evaporate into the ether before you even walk out of the door. We've tested our fragrances to ensure they'll pass the test of time.

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Quite simply because they're great. Just incase you needed a few more reasons here are a couple

  1. They're all hand-bottled in small batches in West Sussex by a team of two.

  2. They're the strongest form of fragrance, designed and tested to last the day.

  3. The fragrances are all vegan and cruelty-free

  4. They're refillable at our in-store refill centre (oh, and it's 30% cheaper than a new bottle)