How this fragrance 'Rose' to the top

Since our inception there's always been a battle among our fragrant family for the coveted number one slot; and one of our top contenders is our Damask Rose & Oud, and it's no surprise. A symphony of ta'if rose, peony & smoky oud will entice you into a rich, warm bouquet of top notes. A clove & amber heart, embrace a base of vanilla, praline & agarwood to emanate pure, aromatic grandeur.

We know the notes, but how does it actually smell?

Damask Rose & Oud is the definition of sophistication and redefines the rose fragrances. Its combination of Rose with Vanilla and Agarwood creates an earthy warmth that instantly exudes a euphoric aroma from the wearer.

Further additions to the fragrances only add to its complexity, urging you to enter into a romance with rose.

Scent in a summary

How does it smell in 4 words - Romantic, expensive, sensual and warm.

Damask Rose & Oud is heavy, warm, slightly sweet with a tasteful top tinge of Rose without it being overbearing like many rose fragrances can be.

Damask Rose & Oud is best described as an evening fragrance, due to its warm and heavy nature. The romance of the rose fits beautifully for an evening with a loved one in a cocktail bar while the
weight of the base notes (agarwood, vanilla and oud) adds a sexiness and a seduction for both the wearer and those around.

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