Welcome to Avalon, here's our story

Is unbelievable to imagine that this small idea from our heads has become what it is today. I'll give a little bit of a back story...

Casting our minds back to the summer of 2020, COVID was rife, people were scared and the one constant in our life was a weekly clap of a Thursday evening. We had all retreated to our bubbles and it was at this moment that our homes became our sanctuary.

I can't speak for all of you but here, we were always (and I mean always) burning a candle. It was a staple in life, wake up, make coffee, light candle, watch tiger king; but there in we found a problem, and no it wasn't Joe Exotic's mullet.

Candle glassware being popped into the recycling is great however, if there's still wax inside the glass it more often than not will end up in general waste and honestly, how awful is that! Single use glassware in this day and age is quite frankly unacceptable and this is where a lightbulb illuminated over our heads. We should fix this. and we did.

Terribly, in January 2021 I was made redundant from my previous job, I used to be an airline pilot and as you can imagine this was truly devastating. However after a few weeks of moping and pouting, we got straight back to work with renewed purpose!

After toying with materials for our new candle idea we finally settled upon the one we use now, a fire resistant resin, and after a few days of being thoroughly disgusted by the feeling of uncured silicone between our fingers we had our first moulds to initiate testing our new candles.

Now like any start up we had no less than a billion ideas to narrow down, for example we initially had pillar candles as well as container candles, and through demand we focused our attention to where we are today. Isle of Avalon candles have now been in stores across the UK, we've been in Vogue magazine, Isle of Avalon perfumes have been our latest addition and have had amazing reviews with all of our test stock being snapped up within the space of a few weeks!

I've attached a little myriad of photos to show products past and present. All I want to add is that, if you're sitting down reading this and there is something in the back of your head saying 'hey, this might be a good idea!' follow it, pursue it, you might surprise yourself with where you are in a years time!

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