Why diffusers are perfect for summer

Crack open the windows and get on those fans, the summer is here and it's thighs-sticking-to-the-leather-sofa fantastic.

So now here's our conundrum. It's hot, yet you want your home to emanate a glorious aroma to take your mind off the fact you feel you're living adjacent to a portal to hell. This is where the reed diffuser comes in!

So, how do reed diffusers work?

A reed diffuser will work by allowing it's reeds to soak up the fragrant liquid in the bottle and draw it to the top of the reed. Airflow around the reeds then disperse the fragrance from the reeds to fill up the space it's in. Simple really? or is it?

To get the best out of your diffuser there are a few simple steps to give you the effortless fragrance you desire.

  1. Keep your diffuser out of direct sunlight & away from sources of heat - this will prevent premature evaporation (yes you read that correctly)

  2. Place your diffuser in a place with good airflow - usually a hallway works lovely, as there will be the air moving upon the door opening with will give a little burst of fragrance.

  3. Try to keep the plug that comes with the diffuser - if there's a sudden heatwave, pop the plug back in to avoid over evaporation of the liquid, We'd hate you to lose it all over a few weeks!

  4. Start with using 4-5 reeds first - the lower the number of reeds, the longer it will last, if you desire a stronger scent throw add in another reed and see if that's better.

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