Scent Library

Scent Library


Welcome one and all, to our Bibliothèque of Bouquets.


We produce nothing but Parfum, the most formidable fragrance for a long-lasting olfactory exuberance, oo-er.


Allow us to present to you our Scent Libraries, a set of either 4 or 11 roller bottles factioned into their 5 family fragrance houses.


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  • Usage

    To apply, simply roll the parfum onto your pulse points (wrists, neck, perhaps your temple should you be so daring) where you body is naturally a little toastier, this'll get the juices flowing alongside your already ravishing radiance. 

    Fortify the scent by complimenting with our parfum spray as well as our body products.

  • Floral


    Black Fig & Tuberose

    Bergamot & Frankincense

    Damask Rose & Oud

    Peony & Wood Violet