Scent Sample Pack

Scent Sample Pack


Not sure which scent to choose? Well we've got the solution for you!


11 tealights representing each of our scents offers the best way to gauge what your nose truly desires.


Remember this is a sample tealight pack and the scent throw from the tealight will be far weaker than that from our candle range.


We've formulated the best ratios of fragrance in our candles to ensure the best scent throw possible so that our scents are as strong as possible, so be sure to keep in mind that the tealights will smell far weaker.

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    1x Cypress & Rosewood

    1x Black Fig & Tuberose

    1x Black Pomegranate

    1x Burnt Oak & Nightshade

    1x Damask Rose & Oud

    1x Dark Honey & Tonka

    1x English Plum & Rhubarb

    1x Eucalyptus & Cedar

    1x Myrrh & Amber

    1x Peony & Wood Violet

    1x Seasalt & Amber

    1x Bergamot & Frankincense

    1x Apple & Oakmoss