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Makers and perveyors of extraordinary parfums, candles and other perfumed goods.

Image by Eduardo Gorghetto

Where it all started

December 2020. Horsham, West Sussex. 

Isle of Avalon was founded to marry quality fragrance with sustainability. Why shouldn't they be able to coexist?

All of our products are either hand-made, hand-poured or hand-bottled in our Boutique in the bustling lanes of Brighton.

We're please to say that in our short life, we've held locations in London's Covent Garden as well as our current flagship store in Dukes Lane, Brighton.


We currently fragrance over 10 prestigious wedding venues across the UK and USA.


We've popped up in stores across the south-east and we've featured in British Vogue no less than three times as well as winning a 'Best Home Fragrance' award 2023.

Our story is just beginning and we're thrilled to invite you to join us for the ride.

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Candle Making

See for yourself why our candles are so special

Unleash your creativity at our candle making workshop.


Craft your own Isle of Avalon candle with our legendary fragrances at our Brighton boutique and experience the magic of candle making like never before.

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