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Our Story

The Lockdowns imposed on us throughout the covid pandemic afforded us all a little more time to ourselves, but for us one thing was kept in common. Whether It was watching Tiger king for the 5th time or attempting to bake yet another sourdough loaf we always had a candle burning.

By the time we reached the third lockdown, we had amassed quite an impressive collection of candle glasses that were all going to be recycled, it is fantastic that they can be recycled but what a waste of energy when all we really need is more wax? We then decided to have a go ourselves at making our own sustainable home fragrance and cutting out the bin man. 

We ultimately came up with our first collection. A range of candles of varying hues with the ability to be refilled by slotting in a new, hand-made cylinder of wax.


Then in January '22, I was made redundant. Several weeks were spend lining the pockets of fast-food companies but soon after, it gave us the drive to pus Avalon to be as brilliant as it could be.

Since we launched our home fragrance collections in March 2021, we have received the most fantastic response. We have been showcased in stores in Brighton and London Covent Garden as well as being asked to feature in British Vogue for three issues and we've won 'Best home fragrance brand' awards.

We've accomplished so much and yet we have only just started, the reign of Avalon is yet to come and we can not wait to share this amazing experience with you all.

Thank you all so much for your support and feedback.

Lee and Sam

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