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What wax do you use?
We use a fabulous blend of vegetable waxes to create our wax. We do not use soy nor do we use paraffin.

The wax looks bumpy after I've burn it, is this normal?
Yes! It's a very common quality from the use of natural vegetable wax.

How do I look after my candle?
Ensure that the wick is trimmed to approximately 5mm before each burn.

Burn approximately 4 hours at a time.

Burning for excessive times can cause the excess heat to bleach the colour of the candle container.
Where do you ship?
Currently we only ship to the UK because of high postal costs and because of new customs rules to the EU. We're working on introducing these locations asap.

Why isn't my candle staying lit?
The most common cause is that the wick hasn't been trimmed. Either cut the wick to 5mm or push the blackened wick to snap it to approximately 5mm and relight.

Where can I find you?
We're in Brighton at 8 Dukes Lane, BN1 1BG.

What if my item is out of stock?
If you can't see your preferred item, get in touch with us and we'll let you know when it's due back!

How long will my order take?
Everything we make is made especially for you, so once we receive your order we make it from scratch. It usually takes us between 1-3 days to create so it should be approximately 5 business days from the day of order.

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